Favorites From July

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Since July is ending (a little too quickly, in my opinion), I thought I would share a few of my favorite things I've seen around the web in the last month.

1//  I love this beautiful laundry room from Little Green Notebook. She made this over on a super tight budget and with pretty much nothing but paint. Ah, the power of paint. I also LOVE her new house! Can't wait to watch Jenny decorate.

2//  I just (like yesterday) discovered the website, Keep. And I am obsessed. It's like Pinterest but for things you want to buy or save for. Talk about helping my brain out when I'm trying to compare items that I want to buy online.

I found these lovely measuring bowls from West Elm on Keep. Wouldn't they be fun to display on open shelving in my new kitchen? I've been so into kitchen pretties lately.

3//  I also love this necklace. Not that I have much to wear it to anymore, but it would be great for date night or church. 

4//  I've had two of these raglan tees from Gap in my shopping cart for the last month, and then I saw this girl wearing one of them, and it basically sealed the deal for me. I must have them.

5//  I love going through blog archives of my favorite blogs, and lately I have really been enjoying the Good Design - Kids in Mind series from 6th Street Design School. I've read almost every post! Perfect for the anti-tacky-toy-but-I-still-love-my-kid OCD freak like me. 

Have a great weekend!


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  2. It was hard to identify a necklace (http://www.glamourpods.com/marketplace/products/jewellery/necklaces) in such a pretty outfit… :).


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