Mini Goals.

Monday, June 25, 2012

I was lying in bed trying to sort through the zillion things I need to do and then I realized that I felt terrible for being such a lackluster blogger these past few....well, months really. So here I am, blogging at....2:56 a.m. Does anyone else do this? Oh, it's just me?

I'm really trying to learn how to juggle all of the things in my new "Stay at Home" life. Who knew it was so crazy? Definitely not me! Parker is seriously the dream baby--so happy and content, but still--it takes some getting used to (and I mean that in the best way possible!) Being the Type A person that I am, I want everything to be perfect--the house, my shop, my body, my time with friends, with Bryan, at church, with family, and of course, my time with Mr. P, but that is impossible and I just can't seem to do everything 100%...or even 80%...on a good day.

I have resolved to just get done with what I can, so I'm setting a few "Mini Goals" for myself this week. And here we go:

1. Call an assortment of family members. That is priority one!

2. Finish writing those dang thank you cards. Seriously. This is SO tacky of me.

3. Hopefully write a large number of blog posts and schedule them like a good blogger should.

4. Go through all of the hospital stuff and various things I've been collecting for Parker's baby book. Oh, I need to go through pictures for that as well.

5. Take Parker's TWO MONTH pictures on Wednesday. I could cry. My little man is so big!

6. Run. I signed up for a half marathon last week so this is my first full week of training! Yippee!

7. Make a fabric blind for the guest bedroom and take pictures to blog.

8. Help Bryan plant new flowers and lay mulch in our newly sodded (!!!!) backyard.

9. Hang out with a few out-of-town friends that are visiting. Hang out with in-town friends, too.

10. Make it to the driving range with Bryan sometime. We went last week and I had a suprisingly good time!

11. Finish Twenty Three Oh One's website and open up the Etsy shop again.

12. Work on a few new designs that have been bouncing around in my head.

13. Get everything packed for our next trip! Y'all....we do nothing but travel in the summer. I'm okay with it though ;).

Okay, I realize that this is an ambitious list. We will see what I actually accomplish.

And since every post is better with a picture, specifically a before and after picture, here is a sneek peek of what Bryan has been busting his hiney for in our backyard:

Before: (January)

It was basically all dirt. Not joking.

And now!

Thank the Lord for sod and a hardwording husband who doesn't mind 101 degree heat. :) (You better believe I had nothing to do with the sodding portion of this project.) We still have quite a bit of work to do in the beds, but it already looks amazing in my opinion!

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. it looks amazing!! hopefully it cools down a bit so you can stand to be outside and enjoy that lovely grass with your bare feet :)!

  2. Your backyard looks incredible! We need to work on ours hardcore!

  3. The yard looks amaaaazing!! And I love your to-do list! Lots of good things to accomplis!

  4. the grass looks great!! amazing what a little green will do! =)


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