Bulk Shopping and Kitchen Organization

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I always love reading posts about how people run their homes, and especially how they keep everything organized. Maybe I'm just a nerd like that, but I need all the help I can get, so today I thought I'd share my recent kitchen organization overhaul for those of you who are interested :).

Bryan and I recently bit the bullet and got a Sam's Club membership since we will be in need of a massive amount of diapers in a few short months (!). We decided to take a little walk around the store and our eyes were opened to wonders of buying in bulk. How did I not now that I can stock up on food items that we eat every month for much less than I pay at the grocery store??? This prompted a massive shopping trip earlier this week (by myself---lesson learned to NEVER do that again....my back still hurts), which then prompted a total re-organization of our kitchen in order to store all of our new, shiny bulk purchases.

At first, the kitchen exploded.

Exhibit A:

(Sidenote: My husband eats like a 12-year-old, hence the sugary cereals and Little Debbie snacks)

Exhibit B:

I am happy to say, however, that I eventually (after about and hour and a half-yikes) got it all put away. I started out by dividing the large amounts of meat and bread that I bought into portions for two people, and froze most of it for future use.



I even took a risk and bought a HUGE lasagna (I'm a Stouffer's girl all the way) and thawed it to cut into four separate meals. I was nervous that this wouldn't work, but was very happy to find that our first 1/4 of it turned out perfectly (I made it that same night) after I baked it in a foil covered baking dish. Score!

I even divided up all of our chips and lunch snacks into baggies so that we can just grab them as we're running out the door.

Then I moved on to the pantry and fridge. Now, I forgot to take before pictures (BAD blogger...but I did show you my messy kitchen so give me a break), but here is the "after":

I finally put the storage shelves and bins that I bought at Target a few months ago to good use! Go me.

In the fridge, I threw out a TON of disgusting, molded (truth) food and actually washed all of the fruit and veggies that I bought in advance (who knew!) to remedy the problem of not eating them and letting them go bad because I still have to wash them. :) Yes, I am that lazy.

Same story in the freezer. I made sure to bag everything up in portions for two so that I will actually take the time to make it! Genius, I know.

And that's about it. I know....riveting. :) But I do feel like a can breathe a little easier when I'm making meals in our kitchen now.

So, tell me, how do you keep your kitchen organized? Do you have any great tips for buying in bulk and storing everything that I don't know about?

Have a great Thursday! We are almost to Friday, Friday, Gettin' down on Friday, Fun, Fun, Fun.... and now that song should be in your head for the rest of the day. :) You're welcome!


  1. I used to buy a lot more from Sam's than I do now. I would stock up on all the tomato sauces and pastes and any other canned goods I used. I have scaled back. We just don't have the room to store it all. I still buy our cereals, meats and bread there. I buy our fruit there too. Their strawberries right now are so good! (I am also there once a week for my job. I cook meals for a tax office during tax season). I still have not gotten a good system down to keep my pantry from looking like an explosion happened in there. Maybe that may have to do with kids digging in there? LOL

  2. You did a fab job of organizing. I never thought about defrosting and splitting a huge lasagna, I may have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. That's awesome, being organized is such a good feeling! My hubby and I were thinking about buying a Costco membership, but we're a little bit limited on space in our current place...I'd definitely like to buy more in bulk in the future though!

  4. i can't wait until i have a pantry to organize like that! eek! great job girl :)

  5. I am so in love with Sam's! Isn't is so nice to have a very organized kitchen? It looks great!

  6. The dividing snacks up into bags right away thing is probably the most genius thing I've ever seen. I could totally get into that! You're so organized...love it. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen :)

  7. Kanyon eats like a 12 year old too! And eating those name brand snacks is expensive!

    I also buy meat in bulk and then separate them into portions for two so I don't have to thaw it all and use it quick. I've always heard you're not supposed to re-freeze something after thawing it.

    I love having a stocked kitchen!

  8. This is awesome! Love you idea to bag the chips and go ahead and wash the fruits and veggies. Putting "organizing the fridge" on the to do list for the weekend!

  9. How did you divide the meat in the big ziploc? Did you use saran wrap or something?

  10. The snack idea is definitely a genius idea!! Love how organized you are...puts us to shame!

  11. You did an incredible job organizing your kitchen, it is inspiring! I thought you might be interested in checking out our Simply Delicious Meals page on the Sam’s Club website, http://bit.ly/AtJURf. You can find recipes for every meal of the day, tips and videos, and much more. Thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club! – Carrie from Sam’s Club

  12. You are super organized !! This post just really motivated me! You go girl!

  13. I love that your husband also eats like a 12 year old...mine does too:) Especially when it comes to candy and snacks! Love the organization; I can't wait until we have a pantry!


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