A Sweet Little Shower.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My mom is pretty freakin' awesome. She is one of my best friends and I miss seeing her all the time. She is so awesome in fact, that she threw me basically the cutest shower on the planet this past weekend. I loved loved loved the "Vintage Birdcage" theme that she went with and I love her even more :).

(The cutest cupcakes around)

Why yes, those are pictures of Bryan and I as babies. Including the infamous "moo bar" photo that is my family's all-time favorite. I loved me some ice cream! (Still do!)

I made these little cards per my mom's request. They will be perfect for the baby book! I'm thinking of bringing them to my other showers as well because I loved reading everyone's responses. Definitely a keepsake!

The food table set-up was just perfect. And I'm pretty sure that I ate about 15 of those mini bundt cakes. Whoops :).

My mom gave away cute little candles and mini pots of pansies for favors. They were a hit and I'm kicking myself for only getting one picture of them. AND for not getting pictures of any of the guests! I ran around like a mad woman getting pictures before the shower started, but then started talking with everyone and forgot about my camera. Oops. I'm also mad that I didn't get a picture of my mom and I together....but I suppose I can get one when she's here in a few weeks though, so it's all good. :)

I also learned that I make many interesting faces while opening gifts. Have I ever mentioned that I'm an awkward person? Well, I am, and at showers it is definitely multiplied by like 1,000. At one point, I even waved at one of the guests while thanking her for her gift. If you think that is bad, you should have seen me at Lingerie Showers a few years ago! I pretty much took the cake as "Queen of Awkwardness" at those things.  

We were insanely spoiled by everyone that came. (Thanks ladies!) My car was literally filled to the brim when I headed back to Lubbock and I am SO very thankful to still have such great friends back in Denver that are so excited to meet our little boy!

I loved every minute that I was able to be home and am already wanting to go back :(. I miss my mom and dad so much but am happy that I get to see them more in the next few months! (Of course, there will be another little someone to steal the show by then haha!)

So, I'm still alive, just busy getting ready for bay-bay. And OF COURSE I will post pictures of the nursery once it's done. I'm suprised ya'll even had to ask! :) Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a sweet shower! Love all the cute details!! And I am dyyyyying to see the nursery!!

  2. what an adorable shower! and my mom is one of my best friends, too, so i totally get that! :) we are lucky, aren't we?

  3. Love it all!! Beautiful job with everything. I think it was very YOU! The cupcakes look delicious :)

    Awesome job on the stationary btw. Love the bird theme!

  4. What a gorgeous shower. It looks like it came out of the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog!

  5. This is inredible! How lucky to have such a stylish mother. I am SO glad I saw your blog at Michaela Noelle's, because it's beautiful! xo

  6. How fun ! Your baby shower was so pretty! I love all the decorations! Looks like you got lots of great baby items! Congrats on the soon arrival! I just found your blog and really love it!

  7. What a sweet shower! The flowers are beautiful and food looks delicious! Just lovely :) xo

  8. I love all the details of your shower - how fun! You look so cute too!

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