Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am happy to say that our Memorial Day weekend proved to be a successful one. A picture-less one (my apologies), but still very memorable.
We did a whole lot of....nothing. And it was amazing. Much needed.

Well, I guess I'm lying. We didn't do anything fun with other people (we've decided to take on a hermit lifestyle), but we did have a lot of fun at home by ourselves doing house projects, watching movies, shopping, and reading.

Is it bad that I can't even remember what I did on Friday? Let's see...........oh! Ok, I remember. Well, as I pointed out in my last post, Bryan began the ever-messy process of tiling the master bathroom. I began the ever-relaxing process of reading my new book. Haha, kidding. Kinda. I read all Friday afternoon and then spent ohhhhhh 4 hours cleaning the house. Yes, just four. But it is VERY clean now. Like deep clean. And I was able to reorganize our pantry as well as all of the kitchen cabinets. AND I put down shelf-liner (long overdue), AND I cleaned out and reorganized the fridge. Point, Katy.

On Saturday, Bryan headed to graduation for LHS, I cleaned some more, and then we both spent the day doing pretty much nothing. I read, Bryan played video games, we ordered pizza, and it was perfect.

On Sunday, Bryan got up early (like 6am early) and went golfing with a couple of coaches from LHS. We skipped church. I know, bad. Anyway, we met up for lunch (after my trip to TJ Maxx) and then headed into town to buy all of our supplies/decor for the master bedroom! Exciting stuff. Bryan especially loved the decor part (that was probably the most sarcastic comment I've ever made in my life). Plans are coming along nicely, and even look somewhat like the inspiration board I showed you a few months ago:

Speaking of inspiration...I was going through my StumbleUpon today (Don't know what StumbleUpon is? Well, I suggest you jump on the wagon, because you are definitely missing out), and came across this master of all craft websites: Craft Gawker. I cannot wait to do some of these projects!

And back to our weekend summary:
On Sunday night, we went to see "Water for Elephants" good! I have to say, usually I like the book a whole lot more than the movie, but this time I was equally satisfied with both! After the movie, we came home where a lot more of nothing was done (or not done?)....Bryan played more video games, and I finished my book! Sobbing. Can I just say that while Firefly Lane is one of my new favorites, it is also the one book that has made me cry more than other book I have ever read? Ok, I'm saying it. I think I bawled for 2 hours. Seriously. But it's so good! I can't stop thinking about the characters. Everyone should read it, just grab a box of tissues for the last oooooh, 100 pages or so.

On Monday we both got back to work--I did some more shopping, some of which included grocery shopping so it was necessary :), pulled weeds in the flower beds, and Bryan started painting the bathroom! Hallelujah.

And here is what we have today:

Still a definite work in progress, but I am already so excited for it! I can't wait to show the final results.

We also went to see "The Hangover Part II" on Monday night with a few of the other coaches. It was funny...but very unoriginal and extremely disgusting. I was a little disappointed, but I kind of expected it with a sequel.

I also thought I should mention the "tease" we got tonight. I could have sworn it was going to storm. It looked so promising:

Guess not. We need rain SO bad. I don't think we've had a good rain (or any rain) since September.

Well, that's pretty much it! Can't wait to show you all our pretty new master bedroom and bathroom!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I wish you could have some of North Dakota's water. Much of our state is flooded, and the fields are so saturated we can't plant our crops. Days of rain aren't helping. The next time I see a cloud I'll try to blow it south to you! :)
    p.s. love the bedroom plans!

  2. Thanks Kristi! And it is the exact opposite for us! Send it our way :).


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