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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sorry I'm not very original with my post titles. So...I woke up today feeling very inspired, and the next thing I know, I had come up with tons of cute designs for personal stationery cards for my Etsy shop! Basically ever since I opened my shop, I've been trying to decide what audience and style to focus in on (hello, marketing classes). I love to play with a ton of styles (modern, classic, simple, girly...) but I need to stick with just one of two if I want to be successful. I also decided to narrow down the type of stationery I want to sell. After today's design extravaganza, I think I have it all figured out.

From now on, I will only be selling personal stationery. I really love wedding related stationery, but I tend to get stuck and I'm hoping this new direction works well!

Here are just a few of the card designs I came up with today....

I became obsessed with ticking stripe a few weeks ago, hence the next two cards...

AND I just orded cardstock to print these on--linen textured. They will look amazing.

P.S. Yardwork sucks. And also you should go download the new Eli Young Band song "Crazy Girl" and "7 & 7" by Turnpike Troubadours. SO so good. Ok...I am leaving this computer! I haven't showered yet and all I've eaten today is a cupcake. I know, TMI.


  1. Saw you at the Nester's risk linky party.

    Love these designs, you have some real talent here!

  2. I am dropping in from the Nester's party. Have you ever thought about doing personal calling cards? I would love to chat with you about that if you are interested. :)


  3. Thank you! And yes, I would be interested! What's your email address?

  4. Hiya! Found your blog a week or two ago and have enjoyed purusing your projects (I totally have garage envy!). I think your stationary designs are lovely and totally appeal to a broad audience. Checked your Etsy site but nothing is listed. From Etsy experience, you gotta list daily girl! Get some great designs up there and then repost as often as possible. You'll get those sales, I promise! Good luck!

  5. Thank you so much!That really means a lot-- I get really self conscious that what I think looks good isn't really that great. I took everything off of my Etsy shop about a month ago because I wanted to focus more on just stationery design and "brand" myself a bit more, I just haven't put anything up since then! I will make sure to list daily when I do start selling again! I guess I just have to be patient to get those sales!

    Thanks for your encouragement!


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