Leprechaun Lollipop Garden

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I was in search of cute crafts that we could do for St. Patrick's Day and came across the adorable idea of a Leprechaun Lollipop Garden. This is such a great tradition for young kids (very similar to Santa or the Easter Bunny) and is SO easy.

What you will need: (All supplies purchased from Joann. Except for candy. ;)

-Wooden Tray (I spray painted mine white)
-Floral foam
-Green crinkle shred
-Shamrock stickers and foam pieces
-Dowel rods
-Rolos candy
-Sandwich baggie
-Rainbow ribbon (I used red, yellow, and green)

The idea of this tradition is to "plant" your Lollipop Garden the night before St. Patrick's Day and then have your kiddos wake up to see it has grown a whole bunch of lollipops and gold. So cute.

Here are the basic steps:

1. Paint tray and cut foam pieces to fit inside.
2. Cover with crinkle shred "grass"
3. "Plant" your shamrocks for good luck.
4. Sprinkle your garden with "lollipop seeds" or "gold dust". I made my gold dust more official looking by pouring gold glitter into one corner of a sandwich baggy, cutting, and tying with ribbon.

(Excuse my use of "quotations". I am annoying myself, even.)

You can have the kids help with the above steps, but after the head to bed, it's your turn to be the Leprechaun who makes the garden grow!

5. Cut slits into a few shamrocks and slip the suckers in the middle. Stick suckers all around the garden. Toss a few Rolos in there as well.
6. Hot glue large shamrocks to wooden dowels and stick in the garden.

And look at that! A sweet craft and a great way to kick off an easy holiday.

I'll be demonstrating this craft today on KAMR at 4. :) I'll try and remember to link up the video once we are done!


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