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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I have mentioned a few times about our plans to move. We have been going back and forth with working on this house and decided (after a lot of exhaustion and stress and just being over it all) that it would be in the best interest of our family to just move into something that was "done". I really want to focus on these precious years with our children and to be more present both at home and in creating these businesses that I've started, and living in a constant work zone kind of took away from that.

At first, we were going to build with a professional builder, but after running the numbers about a million times and having to downsize, and downsize, and downsize some more to fit it in our budget we decided to back off. The whole point of this thing, after all, was to get to a place that we could just "be", without having to worry about moving again.....you know, something that our family could grow in to.

SO. So, we backed off and kind of dropped it for a few weeks...and then lo and behold, Bryan found a lot. Like a legit, for sale lot. Come to think of it, I have no clue how he stumbled upon it, and when he first brought it up I was all "UM NO", but we eventually got into the crazy conversation of building this thing ourselves. Now, you guys.  I completely realize that this is kind of counter-active to the whole "being done" and "saving on stress" thing. But here's the deal: We have always talked about doing something like this. And to be honest, the only way we can get into a house that won't require a lot of work and that we can stay in for the foreseeable future (or even forever) would be to do it ourselves. AND: I think (I don't know, but I think) that there is a huge difference between living in a construction zone (think renovations) and working on one while living elsewhere. And also, this lot is perfect. Two acres, backs up to a little farm, in a really great neighborhood, great schools, etc.

So, we are building a house. (!)

At least we will be if everything goes according to plan, which so far it is, so that is a great sign.

We plan to close sometime in February, and will put our house on the market sometime in the next month.

We have been obsessively searching house plans online and I am SO pumped to get this show on the road. My personal dream has always been to live in a two-story with a wrap-around porch and dormers (oh, the dormers!), so that is I guess what we are looking at for the most part (but with more brick because we live in Texas and that's what everyone uses). The wonderful thing about the neighborhood is that all of the homes are different sizes and styles, so we are pretty free to do what we want. (There is a committee that has to approve our elevation, just FYI.)

Here is my tentative wish-list:

1. Lots of windows and light

via (And a TOTAL dream....right?)

2. Formal dining room

3. Larger laundry with some counter space and utility sink

4. Plenty of counter and cabinet space in the kitchen

5. Higher ceilings in some of the rooms

6. Bonus room for a play/game room

7. I would really like a desk/command center built in somewhere if there isn't a study so I can have a workspace.

8. Plenty of closet space...ideally a big closet to store alllll of my craft supplies (I've already accumulated a lot this year with MOPS and Joann, and I had quite a bit to begin with!) and also my seasonal decorations.


My inspiration photos are way too extreme for us....but a girl can dream! Ah. So fun.

What are things you were happy you put in your home or wish you had? I would LOVE to hear suggestions!


  1. I am so so SO excited to see your progress of your new build! Berto and I want to build a custom home, one day, when I start working again! Building our home we are in now, one thing we love is having extra tall ceilings in our basement (9 feet) so it doesn't feel like a basement when we are down there! Another thing I wish we had, was an outlet in our closet. We used to iron in our old closet, but forgot to put one in this house! Also an outlet in the pantry would be nice for charging the dust buster. Lastly, in a dream world, a whole house vacuum system would be really nice to have! Oh, and eight foot doors are something we love that everyone seems to notice about our house!

    1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your suggestions! We will use every single one of them. my parents have whole house vacuum system and it is so nice! I don't think we could swing that one but it would be nice. :) Such good ideas. Thank you, sweet Caitlin! Can't wait to see you build a house, too!

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