Christmas Traditions: Oh, The Food

Monday, December 21, 2015

Let's be real here: the holidays = food, and so today I am writing about a couple of sweet treats that my family always eats during the month of December.  My favorite thing to make during the holidays are these raspberry almond shortbread cookies. The recipe is from Bryan's mom and the cookies are divine. I get asked for the recipe wherever I take kidding! They aren't hard at all....kind of fool-proof, actually--a must-try, I say!

We also do a lot of the standard fudge, glass candy, and puppy chow, but I think that's pretty normal, yes? Either way, not good for my waistline, but SO good for my soul.  ;) (Calories don't count in December anyway....duh.)

I also love good food with sentimental meaning. My Nanny has always made tea cakes (kind of like these) that my family eats by the freezer bag-full (literally, she keeps them in freezer bags) and she and my Grandmommy also make my great-grandmother's famous chocolate pie recipe (similar one from PW, here). These are recipes that are so comforting to me and bring such good memories of playing dominos and Wahoo and laughing with my crazy family around the table late at night. I never knew my great-grandmother Isca, but my dad always says that her cooking was legendary, that when you went to her house you were guaranteed to get a homemade treat and a frozen Dr. Pepper, and that at every church potluck she would bring a chocolate pie and let him have the first slice. (Talk about sweet.)

What treats and desserts are staples in your family? As always, I would love to know. :)

Christmas is this week! We leave tomorrow and I'm praying my family is healthy by then--Parker came down with a bad fever and congestion over the weekend. Poor babe. This December has unfortunately been the month of sick for us.

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