Parker Loves Snowcones

Saturday, August 30, 2014

By some miracle, I have just completed the enormous/tedious/BORING task of organizing every single photo and video on my computer. My brain it total mush. BUT I know where every single photo is so this lady is happy. 

Parker man hasn't gotten a whole lot of pictures taken with him on my fancy camera lately, so I made an attempt yesterday at the park. Thankfully, his love of snow cones trumps his need to move at ALL times, so we actually got some stress-free photos of him sitting somewhat still.

He was momentarily distracted from his snow-cone binge when the school kids from across the street came over for recess. (This is a public park by the way, we did not just happen to be at an elementary school playground, although I could definitely see something like that accidentally happening to me.)

He has a fascination with "bid kids". He walked around with a little smile on his face for the entirety of  their recess just soaking it all in.

And then we were back to snow-coning it like a champ. P ate that whole thing. 

I'm always having a blogging identity crisis. I think that's one reason that I never post anything on here (the other reason being a total lack of time).  Do you know that I also have a "family blog"? Yes, I do. That one that is supposed to be filled with photos like this, documenting our actual lives instead of staged home pictures and craft projects (and believe me, they are STAGED…you would not recognize my house in real life). But I never post on that one either, so don't get your feelings hurt. ;) 

My little OCD brain cannot handle everything being in two places, so I'm thinking of just mushing everything together on here. I don't know. We will see what happens.

I have to go now, my son just laid down on the floor and told me that he wants his diaper changed. (Who are you and what have you done with my child?)

I will leave you with a few photos from last night.

These freaking airplanes. He's broken the wooden one 1500 times so we bought him the little Dusty airplane a week ago and he NEVER lets go of it. 

Flashing the neighbors.

And the perfect (to us) little boy. 


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