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Monday, May 19, 2014


We are so excited! Bryan and I have always envisioned having a house full of boys for some reason, like to the point that I got two twin headboards for Parker's big boy room before I even knew I was pregnant just because I was SURE that he would one day share that room with his brother.  ...And then I took a pregnancy test and was just SURE that this one would be a girl. :) Pregnancy intuition was wrong, but that doesn't change our excitement in the slightest! I am proud to be a boy mom and am  surprisingly getting this "boy thing" down.

I love watching the relationship between brothers who are close in age and cannot wait to watch these two grow up together... play cars and trucks, make messes (kind of kidding there), fall in love with sports (and girls...waaaay later), and become big stinky men and dads. ;) 

Parker loved this confetti thing, by the way. He kept saying "More! More!" so we did it about 50 times.  This never happens when a camera is involved so I had to share.

Since this is my decorating place, I will also share that I hope to make a few changes to the nursery 
(that dang board and batten, maybe some different stuff on the walls, etc.), but the bulk of our budget will go to Parker's new room! My head is full of ideas but I haven't bought anything yet (except for the headboards from Craigslist). Excited to get going!


  1. SO SO exciting!!! Can't wait to "meet" him and see what you do with the nursery along the way!

  2. Congrats! Two boys will be so cute!

  3. Can't wait to see the updated nursery and Parker's big boy room! I've been working on Reagan's big girl room and it's been so fun!


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