Five Months Old!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The fifth month of Parker Reed's life has been SO much fun, and was jammed-packed with developmental milestones. Here are just a few... (The baby book will have many, many more!)
Weight: Probably about 18 pounds...maybe more :)
Length: Probably about 27.5 inches
Head Circumference: Probably about 17.5 inches
  • You wear size 3 diapers
  • You are in the last leg of 3-6 month clothes, and wear mostly 6 month, and even 6-9 month clothes.
  • You are still a breastfed boy, eating 4 times a day
  • We started doing baby food this month! But, alas, you weren't a fan of the spoon or green beans, so we took a little break. I also don't think I was really ready for it. :( I think we will start up again soon. You have made many a funny face though during this process though!
  • You sleep 10-11 hours a night and usually take a 2.5 hour nap in the morning and are hit and miss with your nap in the afternoon---although we aim to get a 2-2.5 hour nap in then too. You still L-O-V-E your sleep!
  • You started going to nursery at church this month. The ladies love you!
  • You can sit up very easily on your own now! Even in a high chair and shopping carts!
  • You scoot on your tummy and can turn yourself in circles with your strong little legs.
  • Your favorite toy is your paci clip. :)
  • You love to suck your paci upside down.
  • You think it's HILARIOUS when we click our tongues at you and often try to imitate it.
  • You also think it's hilarious when we toss you up and down (carefully), and when I sing the Pink Panther song and walk really slowly up to you. You laugh so hard that you wheeze, which is also hilarious.
  • You love to be scared. That is, again, hilarious.
  • You are really enjoying bath time sitting up! You even try to play with your toys.
  • You love your door jumper, your Bumbo, and your entertainment center.
  • You went to a pumpkin patch and the fair for the first time this month.
  • You moved from the Nap Nanny to your crib this month!! I was so nervous about this one, but it was SUCH an easy transition, thank goodness!
  • You still love people, everyone is your friend. You love football games, you love church, you love other kids and babies. And you love pretty girls. The last picture above is your flirty smile.
  • You are obsessed with Sonic cups. I have no clue why? Maybe it's because I always have one with me. :)
  • You still growl, motorboat, and yell like no one's business. And you are SO proud of yourself. And I am SO proud of you!

And now little mister is awake and it is time to eat! See you all later!


Team World Vision: Clean Water Mission

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hi, friends! A few months ago, I met a sweet reader, Christiane, after she emailed me concerning a fundraising partnership between her church and World Vision  to get clean water to those who need desperately need it. I was touched by her heart and spirit, and happily agreed to have her guest post on the blog to get some support from my lovely readers!
If this post touches just a few of you and opens your eyes to this need than I know it has done it's job. :)
Take it away, Christiane! 

Hello everyone!
Katy has so graciously allowed me to commandeer her blog for a minute so that I can come to you, the rest of the Twenty Three Oh One community/family, with a really big ask.  Like, a little outrageous.  But what the hey, why not go for it?
So, here’s the story:
Back in January my church (
NorthRidge Church in Plymouth, Michigan) got this zany idea to partner with World Vision to build clean water systems in the villages of Moyo & Hamaundu, Zambia. 
Enter, Zambia:

Anywho, some crazy captains decided to round up the masses to present this quirky way of raising the money.  Somehow, this harebrained idea of theirs spread like wildfire and before I knew it, this gal had signed herself up to run the Chicago Marathon with an amazing team of other crazies and Team World Vision so that we can raise a half a million bucks.
Yes, you heard me right.  On October 7th, this bag of bones (which, prior to last August hadn’t run more than a mile spurt  in my LIFE) will be completing the Chicago Marathon so that I can contribute in making clean water happen.  So, that’s why I’m here and Katy’s being my biggest cheerleader… because I cannot do it without you.  So, I’ll be bold and kind of put myself out there if it means that one person on the other side of the earth that you may not ever meet thirsts no more!
But, wait!  You actually can know one of them!  Meet Oviasy-

I know!  He IS strikingly handsome!  And he’s also my sponsor son in one of the villages.  So this young man’s LIFE will LITERALLY be changed by your generous donation.  This isn’t a vague, “Help people in Africa” shpiel.  This is a, “I cannot stand another minute knowing my guy is drinking water that looks like mud and can get him sick so pleasepleaseplease help me out!”.
That’s right.  I can suck up my pride, ladies (and gentlemen). ;-)
So there it is.  I might make myself look a little foolish asking perfect strangers to donate money, but when it’s for him… and his family… and his neighbors… well, it’s a lot more real.  So I’ll look foolish.  All day long. J
$50 provides clean water for one person FOR A LIFETIME.  My goal is to help at least 40 people get clean water for the rest of their life.  If you are able to give anything at all… I am SO beyond appreciative.  You have no idea!  The marathon is only 9 days away and while I still can’t believe I signed up for this and the only way I’m crossing that finish line is by the Lord dragging my exhausted behind over the 26.2 miles, I have to remember why I’m doing this.  And I’d love for you to be a part of it with me.  So, if you want to join me on this wild adventure and feel compelled to donate to the wacky girl making a big ask on your favorite blog, here’s the link to make your tax-deductible donation:
So thank you in advance.  Thank you for letting girls go to school instead of walking hours upon hours to fetch water.  Thank you for saving lives instead of having people drink infectious water that kills them because it’s all they have.  Thank you for helping transform a community since their livestock can earn them more money and their irrigation is of better quality.  Thank you.
And as a woman of faith, even if you aren’t in a position to give financially, I would love your prayers to finish the race set before me and that the glory goes to Who deserves it (not me).
YOU. ROCK.!!!  Thank you!
Hugs from Michigan!
Thanks, Christiane, for your words and compassion for this cause!
Have a wonderful day!