A Couple of Things for Friday

Friday, July 17, 2015

Okay, actually a lot of things. (HA!)

We have had, by far, the craziest month of the whole year these past few weeks. But that's okay. It has been FUN.

I'm just going to catch up through photos (most of them look like they were on Instagram even though they weren't, because I have a terrible obsession with editing things in Insta and then not posting them. It is weird. Does anyone else do this?)

Father's Day golf outing for Dad and P. These two….and the bucket hat.

Saturdays hanging frames. (DIY from the Homegoods clearance section)

And some cute kids.

And a pretty pillow.

This is my husbands' fave activity. I'm kidding.


As few words as possible: Abby and Luke's wedding. Beautiful. Busy. Whole Family.  Happy tears. Fun. 

Read her letter from the new husband. (!)

Sweet sibling time right before the big walk.

There were never such devoted sisters.

Summertime fun with both sides of our family. So thankful for this.

The wedding programs and menus. (!!!!!) I made them and was SO happy with them. 

And that should be it for one post. But it's not. Because all the happened 3 weeks ago, and then….GALVESTON. 

As few words as possible: Humidity and salt. Lazy days. Home-cooked food. The best family. Lots of sun. A little redneck. A whole lot of fun!

Three-year-olds love a good outdoor shower.

And the beach.

We love a good Schlitterbahn trip.


Go to The Strand if you go to Galveston. One of our faves!

Golf cart parades are where it's at.

Sandbars, yo.


We always drive through Waco on this trip. This year we made a special pit stop. #fixerupper

I made a friend from Ohio who insisted we take a photo. :) 

We got back in time for swim lessons with THE Mrs. Sumer. (AKA best preschool teacher ever.)

I decorated with some antiques I got in Galveston.

And we freaked out a bit that our cousins got to stay for an extra week. (Movie theater selfie: Inside Out)

Parker showed Hensley around the Science Spectrum. You know, because he's a pro. ;) #everysingleday

I gave my poor child an earth head. (I also didn't edit this photo. Sorry.)

(We did chalk paint in our hair…mine is still pink. A week later. Yep.)

And we saw Minions because minions are way cool. (Also unedited.)

And then the cousins left and we had withdraws! So sad. :(


Parker got a new train. (Surprise!)

I'm trying to get a bit more courage about sharing our house.

The bathroom will never be done. But I do like these drawer pulls. 

I put some magnolia leaves in a little urn I found in Galveston. Hello there, lovely.

We've been sleeping in a lot.

And this guy turned NINE months old. I just can't process it at the moment. 

And that's us!

Summer is the best. But we do have a lot more fun coming up. 

I hope everyone else has been having a great summer. I have a few BIG things going on at the moment. They are the result of a quarter-life crisis. We are excited. We are nervous. But we are mostly excited. And thankful. And we are about to be super tired. :)

And on that vague and cryptic note, have a great weekend!