In Honor Of Mad Men: Chairish and Sally Draper

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Guys. I get emails fro time to time asking me to do blog posts for "such-and-such" company, but I normally decline the offer because I'm not really interested in the company or website…. BUT when Holly from Chairish emailed me to make a room inspired by a Mad Men character with items from their Mid-Century Modern page, I just had to accept.

You see, I l-o-v-e the show Mad Men. Like…I'm addicted to it. We don't have cable, but I binge watch each season on Netflix as it comes out and am ready to watch the seventh and final season as soon as I can. (In case you live under a rock- the last half is airing now on cable!) I'm super bummed to see the end of the angst/drama/mystery that encompasses Don Draper and everyone he knows, but I suppose it had to end at some point.

One of my favorite parts of watching this show (and I suspect everyone else who watches will agree), is seeing all of the beautiful sets and costumes. I mean…the 60's had it going on in everything from fashion to interior design. Chairish is a website with high-style vintage and used home furnishings and accessories (I am not being paid to say this or link to the site--I just like it), and I loved browsing through it--like to the point that it was extremely hard to narrow down my picks for just one room.

I ended up making a bedroom for Sally Draper. We have seen Don and Betty's only daughter go from a small child in knee-high socks and frilly dresses, to a go-go boot wearing tween, to a moody teen who seems to be trying to figure it all out (and making plenty of mistakes along the way). She drives me nuts a lot of the time but there is something about her that is fun to watch (as with every character on that show).

Here is her high-style, upper-east side bedroom that I picture her brooding in well into her teenage years….

At its foundation, the room has a lot of classic mid-century furniture. As Sally has grown, she has opted to add colorful mod accessories and art--part of the 1960's iconic look. I tried to keep some sophistication in the room since she is a prim and properly well-educated Draper (and Betty's daughter), who speaks fluent french, knows all things "art", and plans to travel the world as soon as she's out of a fancy all-girls college….that is, if all goes according to her parents' plan. ;)

I really had a lot of fun making this room for her. There is a teensy part of me that now wants to go all Mid-Century Modern in my house, but as we all know, I can't do that, so I will just continue to live vicariously through the world of Mad Men and browse the 1960's section on Chairish. :) Works for me!

Have a great week and start watching this addicting show if you haven't already!