My First Oversized Poster Print!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

To be perfectly honest, one of the main reasons I wanted to start decorating with black in our new house was because of my obsession with chalkboard prints. :) I know that I share this obsession with a lot of people right now and that is fine by me! Now that we finally have some black in our kitchen and dining room (cabinet hardware, shelf brackets, exciting!), I thought I would make my very own chalkboard print for Christmas. I used Isaiah 9:6. I had this verse on my bible cover when I was like 9 and have been obsessed with it ever since, haha. Just a side note. :)

I made this to fit a cheap-o Ikea frame that I've had for about a year now. I actually think it looks really nice when spray painted with gold leaf...not too cheap at all! I may spray paint it a different color eventually because it was hard to get the gold to look even, but we will see.

This was also my first time to print one of those super popular over-sized blue print posters from Fed Ex. It cost me all of $3 for a 20"x28" black and white poster!

(Aaaaand you can see me. Looking awkward. I think I was trying to duck from the tri-pod, haha)

The quality is actually pretty nice, except for that it didn't print quite as much of the chalkboard texture as I would have liked. For the price though, I am A-okay with that. ;)

I put this on our Craigslist buffet which now has a new home in the dining room. I LOVE it here! 

I may end up moving this poster to the mantel, but I wanted to get a few quick pictures today because I have listed it in my shop! It is available as an instant download 8x10 printable OR as a custom-sized print. (Perfect for these oversized posters!) Please head over there to check it out!

We just got our NEW faucet in the mail today and I am in love! Hopefully Bryan can install it tonight and then I will take some pictures. And then after that maybe I will get around to decorating the rest of our house for Christmas! Y'all, I can't handle our house right now. I am looking at pumpkins and ornaments in the same room and it's driving me nuts. 

Yay! Two posts in one week. Go me! Have a great rest of your week.

New Curtains and Shower Decorations

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello! We've had a crazy couple of weeks, but I wanted to pop in and share a little peek of our new dining room curtains and some of the decor my friend and I made for a lingerie shower this past weekend. I LOVED it. 

My friend Alli pinned a triangle garland that we both fell in love with, so we decided to make our own version. I ran these through my sewing machine and was amazed at how much I loved the look! 

We went with the super popular gold and pastel color scheme. I found some beautiful lace fabric on super sale (very similar to this inspiration image) and we used that as our table cloth. The shower was at night so I took all of these before the food was out...all of the platters have sticky note labels on them if you were to zoom out :). 

We also did a monogram theme and had several B's around the house (for the bride-to-be's future last name) as well as some delicious custom monogram cookies that I forgot to take a picture of! (Similar to this but in our colors....if you live in Lubbock I will hook you up with the best cookie lady ever!) I got that frame at Goodwill and painted the frame gold, the matte board white, and the original print with chalkboard paint. Alli drew the B and the laurel....she is great with chalk!

I also sewed a few ruffle garlands and basically want to keep them up forever. I LOVE them. They don't look as substantial in the pictures as they do in real life, but they added a lot to the table backdrop! Easy to make, too.

Our new curtains are from Ikea and so is the curtain rod. The curtains are pretty popular in blog world and I think they look a lot more expensive than they actually are. They are thick with a linen look and have the hidden pinch pleats which is a plus! Also, finding reasonably priced curtain rods for bay windows was a pain in the hiney and I was so relieved to see them at Ikea! 

In the living room I hung more paper and ruffle garlands. And added a B. I never know how to decorate living rooms for showers but I like how this turned out. When I took these, we were in the middle of a nasty dust storm so all of the colors look weird since it was brown and dark outside...sorry. ;)

We also finished our KITCHEN. Yay!!! Well, it's not completely finished--I ordered a new faucet and am still waiting to get it in the mail... and I also need to paint the pantry door and the trim, but other than that we are done for now! Y' makes me so happy when I walk in there. I absolutely, positively, LOVE it. Cannot wait to share! Oh, the power of paint and a handy husband :). 

Have a great day!