Sunday, June 8, 2014

Here's Our Laundry Room...

Hello! I am finally getting around to posting an actual room in our "new" house. This is a big day! I have to admit that a major reason that this hasn't happened yet it simply because I hate going through photos and figuring out which ones to use. ;)

We finished the laundry room in January (I know) and I LOVE it. It is seriously the only room in the house that is 100% remodeled to the style that we want everything else to look like someday too.

I really needed it to be pretty but really functional. I wanted to make sure that every single thing in there had a reason for being in there and was easy to get to, so that played a huge role in decorating.  I talked a lot about the inspiration for everything in this post and this post.

Ta-da! Hope you like it as much as I do. :) We tried to skimp on cost as much as possible because 1) we are low on funds, and 2) I like a good deal as much as the next girl. Thankfully I have a live-in handyman and I'm not too shabby with a paint sprayer either so we make it work.

Bryan is really the all-star here because he tiled the floors (this tile) and built all of the craftsman style casings for the doors. He also installed the 5.5" baseboards that look so luxurious to me! I love them. Oh, and he nailed up the paneled ceiling to hide all of the popcorn. I love that man. And we got through this makeover with next to no fights ;).

I used my favorite Home Right sprayer to paint all of the trim, casings, and ceiling. It only took a few minutes after we tarped off the room from the rest of the house. (that's the beauty of re-doing a small room) The walls are BM Early Morning Mist, the trim is BM Paper Mache, and the doors are Valspar Lincoln Cabin Black.

Now, we don't have a window in this room, but I like pictures with natural light because they show the true colors of for the above photos, the door was open to the garage. BUT, I will share what the room looks like with it closed even though it's not as pretty in pictures :).

I'm not quite sure why it looks greener in these photos? The walls are more greige in real life. We changed out the light to a "natural light" bulb to get rid of the usual yellow tungsten tone--it made such a difference in the feel of the room! We also replaced the light with this schoolhouse one.

I saved on cost by using some leftover shelving that we had from Ikea. They are painted in BM Carolina Gull. The shelves are super handy and functional.  Things are separated in the large baskets like this: candles, small tools that we need frequently, extra light bulbs, lonely socks, shoe cleaners/polishes, and all of the tapes (duct, masking, etc.). It has really helped to corral things and stays organized easily which is nice. There are still a few little baskets and drawers that are empty, too...still trying to figure out what would work in those. 

On top of the dryer, I made a little washing station where our laundry detergent and dryer sheets are kept. I really love this set-up. I always fold laundry in front of the TV and I never need the top of the dryer for anything else, so this works great and looks pretty. 

 (There's the door to the garage.)

Our laundry room tends to be the place where we pile all our bags, jackets, scarves, and shopping bags since it's the first place we come in to from the garage. I got these little numbered hooks at Paul Michael a couple of years ago and finally put them to good use for all of that! I made it prettier for the photo, but normally Parker's Skip Hop backpack is hanging there as well as more than a few Target and TJ Maxx bags that I'm always meaning to return :). I printed the fruit prints from the Graphics Fairy for free. They look super nice in real life and add a lot of color to the room. 

I also seriously consider our cleaning closet a huge blessing in our house. The main reason that I was able to do open shelving was because I could hide everything else behind the closet door. I keep our ironing board, iron, other detergents, stain fighters, batteries, hooks, brooms, mops, paper towels, diapers, and all of our cleaning supplies in there. It's awesome. I guess I should have taken pictures---one day maybe!

So... that's all I've got. I think the only things I still have to do in here are order this laundry print and add an industrial looking bar to hang clothes on the small blank wall next to the garage. (I rarely hang clothes to dry though, which is why I haven't done that last part yet.)

Maybe if I could decorate/organize the rest of my house to this scale it wouldn't be in a constant state of mess? Kidding, kind of.  ;) We will get there. Have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful job Katy -- it looks so pretty! This is great inspiration because my laundry room is blah and could use some sprucing up :) can't wait to seethe rest of the house as you finish it!!

  2. Oh it looks soo good!! Love that you have the detergent in a big canister! So fun!

  3. It looks beautiful! I am totally in love with the wall color! Did you use your paint sprayer on the door? We replaced all the doors in our house a few years ago and still haven't painted them yet because there's been so much else going on. I'm wondering if spraying them will be easier than brushing.

  4. So clean & pretty! If I ever come into some money--I'm hiring you! ;)

  5. I can't believe it's the same room.I love the white color, it makes the room looks brighter and clean. Nice job! I want to paint my laundry room too with my new paint sprayer.

  6. Clicked over here from a picture of your bedroom shelves (Pinterest) and have to say you are an amazing stager! Wow ... queen of shelf arranging for sure. These laundry room shelves look great and your bedroom shelves are beyond. Good job little miss!


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